"We did it. In ways beyond my mortal understanding, but here we stand—our first shoe with a major company. Among our peers we jokingly conflate milestones like this to be like getting signed or going pro— making it to the league.

Initially, I found myself perplexed by our place in this whole equation. How could our modest, cryptic, elusive brand harmonize with a global powerhouse like HOKA? I certainly had my doubts about being able to match their BPM. At first, I thought it best we go half their’s— you know, not sound fully as ourselves but blend nicely into their song. Or, do we take the easy way out and hit that beat sync button?— let them take the wheel and go along for the ride. But, quickly I start to see the tempo changing; they’re trying to find us as much as we’re trying to find them, and that’s when our songs blended to what is now our duet.

Those initial uncertainties dissolved swiftly as I realized our comrades at HOKA embraced our vision, never doubting it & only wanting more of it, affirming our place at the round table. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work alongside.

Our collaboration centers around the realm of theater and the stage. As our inaugural venture of such magnitude, with a myriad of fresh eyes upon us, it's as if we're truly embarking on a grand theatrical performance. Yet, more importantly, we labored diligently alongside our talented friends and allies to bring this project to life—be it through set design, fabrication, wardrobe, fittings or rehearsals. It's in this shared labor of this project that we find The Hidden Characters’ fingerprints most; the ironclad camaraderie essential to breathe life into such a production. Just as with most of our projects, community and friendship (the cast) take center stage.

We now warmly extend our invitation to join us at Matters of the Heart in Chicago on March 23rd to become a part of this cast. Along with acquiring your Hidden Characters Tor Summit, the day promises live string performances, costume crafting, and wardrobe fittings. During this occasion, you'll have the opportunity to have a bespoke masquerade mask molded to fit your face, personalize it at our embellishment nook, and peruse garments from our newest collection. We look forward to meeting you here. Call time is 4PM - 8PM"

-n. toon
I’m not sure where to begin - how to speak on all that’s been poured from our hearts into this project. In the shadows behind the bright lights and stage curtains - the real real BTS happens. There are so many things, made happen by a great number people, that have created the mighty foundation that this project sits upon. Through the unglamorous, the tedious, the try and try again - I want to take a moment and give our team their flowers, roses specifically, and say it would not have been possible to make this happen without their resolute commitment to each task that was set before them.

Love from the bottom of my heart,