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Hello, wolf here.

screen printed and embroidered details

custom buttons

YKK zippers with custom woven tabs

buttons on waist to make fit tighter if needed

buttons on back of leg to alter/ taper fit

Flight pants are equipped with an exo-elastic band making the waist versatile

As I mentioned on IG, the measurements will be more confusing than helpful. Alas, here they are below:

FLIGHT PANT 0 1 2 2L 3 4 5
WAIST - RELAXED 26" 30" 32" 32"
36" 42"
37" 37" 41" 47" 53"
OUTSEAM 40.25" 41.25" 41.5" 44.5" 41.75" 42.75" 43.5"
CUFF - ZIPPED 7" 7.5" 8" 8.25" 8.5" 9" 10"

if you find that your waist size is on the higher end of "WAIST STRETCHED" for a certain size, we suggest sizing up. I.E, a true size 34" waist would be better suited at a size 2 than size 1.

We suggest referring to the videos on IG & the comments under those posts to make a more educated purchase.

If in doubt, pick the size you would wear in BDU's. Remember, all sales are final. Come to the shop in Chicago if you're still confused.

We are slow releasing these pants online. If your size is sold out, check back next Sunday for a possible restock. 

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