Junior Graphic Designer 

This job consists of fulfilling task oriented objectives that deal with graphic design, basic animation, and sometimes analog forms of visual art. We are looking to mentor someone who is eager to learn.


-basic knowledge of adobe suite programs: mainly Illustrator & Photoshop

-A working laptop with Adobe Suite is a plus

-Ability to follow directions

-Ability to communicate clearly

-Ability to creatively solve problems!

-Advanced Visual and artistic creativity is not necessarily what we are looking for to fill this position— Creativity in problem solving is. 


This is an entry level position. You will be learning a lot of skills in this position and getting familiar with multiple graphic softwares

Must be located in Chicago. 
Cannot work remotely.

Please email with your resume, body of work, and cover letter


Senior Graphic Designer

You will be working with our lead designer and creative director to bring graphic elements to life for The Hidden Characters brand tree (including H.C, Matters of the Heart, and other endeavors)

You will be sitting in on and contributing to brain storming sessions within the team and outside collaborative efforts


-5+ years experience in graphic design

-Thorough knowledge and experience working with graphic design programs

-Punctual; Can meet deadlines in a timely manner

-Great communication skills are key

-A very solid handle on typography and typographic theory

-Experience in working/communicating with screenprinters and/or manufacturers is a big plus

-Advanced body of work with an ability to create original graphic assets

-Versatile body of work that can include illustration, calligraphy, photo manipulation, collaging, etc. 

-Ability to work within the parameters given to you

-Ability to work under pressure (because fashion schedule is insidious) 

-digital painting is a huge plus

-Experience with product design is a HUGE plus

-some experience in 3D modeling/animation not necessary but big big plus

-cant be a hype ass mf. Take that for what you will 

This can be a part time, full time, or project based position

Wage or salary will be determined in the later stages of the hiring process but will ultimately be determined by experience, fit, availability, and other factors

Chicago resident is a plus
Can work remotely if you really got it like that

Please email with your resume, body of work, and cover letter